Green Tea Sugar Scrub-

You will need three ingredients- Granulated Sugar, Oil, and Green Tea. The amount you will need will depend on the container you use. Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants and has antibacterial properties. You can also control the amount and texture. Sugar Scrubs Sugar scrubs are gentler than salt scrubs because the granule is round and therefore doesn’t have any ability to “cut” the skin. It’s a far better choice for sensitive skin types and the only choice for the face. While sugar scrubs don’t have the mineral benefits of salt scrubs, they are less drying, and many natural scrubs now use natural sugars which contain the nutritive properties of sugar cane. Because of the smaller, finer granules, sugar scrubs make a gentle exfoliant that is suitable for next to all skin types and conditions. This DIY green tea scrub removes dirt and impurities from your skin, leaving a healthy and beautiful glow. Green tea is a wonderful anti-inflammatory that helps soothe blemishes and scars.

Lemon & Rosemary Salt Scrub-

You will need three ingredients- Fine Sea Salt, Oil, Lemon Essential Oil or Lemon and a sprig of Rosemary. The amount you will need will depend on the container you use. The health benefits of lemon oil can be attributed to its stimulating, calming, carminative, antiinfection, astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, sleep inducing, and antifungal properties. Rosemary is a natural remedy for common aches and pains.

Salt Scrubs- Salt scrubs are generally more abrasive because of their sharper edges and, therefore, do a better job at smoothing the rough skin of the body. What really separates salt scrubs from sugar scrubs is that they offer therapeutic, mineralization benefits. Most salt scrubs use sea salts, which are natural purifiers that remove the toxins that block the pores of the skin.

This rosemary and lemon salt scrub is amazing for your skin. Lemon fresh and full of vitamin C – which some also say can help to lighten dark spots on the skin. The olive oil has amazing benefits as well including being an anti-inflammatory, helping conditions like dermatitis and eczema, and helps with the elasticity of our skin layer working on things like stretch marks and scars. As for the rosemary, her role as an herb can help heal skin conditions and arthritis pain while the scent is invigorating to the mind…and we all know that exfoliation with a body scrub lets your skin simply glow.

There is not a preservative in this scrub. Always inspect the scrub before using and do not use any scrub that looks or smells odd.** Should keep for 2 or so months As always, take extra in the shower as oil will make the floor slippery. Same goes for the bath if you’ll be using it there or soaking in it. Rinse off all the way and pat dry (rubbing will remove the hydrating coconut oil, you can leave this on as it will nicely moisturize and protect your skin).