CAPE ELIZABETH (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- From a purely a vocal standpoint, Todd Gutner's visit to a first grade classroom was a total downer.

Todd is used to talking with fidgety and boisterous students on visits across Maine to explain the science that goes into his weather forecasts on the MORNING REPORT. But the energy was especially high on Tuesday at Pond Cove Elementary School in Cape Elizabeth with a bigger-than-usual crowd of about 100 students in attendance.

Todd always brings a video camera on his school visits to record a message from students that he can later play on TV. But with so many voices, he worried the message would be impossible to understand. Todd's solution was to lend his own voice to the chorus as a guide for everyone else to follow.

When he presented the video on the MORNING REPORT the next day, Todd joked, "One of the first graders there already went through puberty." It took his rattled co-anchors a moment to realize Todd was only referring to his own baritone voice.