(NEWS CENTER Maine) — Wedding planner and owner of Destination Maine Weddings, Catie Fairbanks-Cliffe, shares tips on how to save on your Maine wedding from the Inn on Peaks Island.

  1. Save by going with an all inclusive venue, rather than a "blank canvas" venue.
  2. Save on your bar bill by opting for beer and wine over an open bar. Another option is to offer one signature drink at the start of the night, then move to beer and wine. Lastly, don't open wine bottles and keep them on the tables. They frequently go to waste that way.
  3. Save on entertainment by hiring a local band.
  4. Save on decor by telling your florist what your budget is and having them adjust to fit your price. Also, consider going with less expensive greenery on the table with just pops of color from your flower bouquet.